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So everyone associates water with health. My mum is always telling me to drink more and rightly so because I don’t drink enough water.

For this blog post I spent a whole week drinking water only and if I am honest, I have never felt better for it. Now I know when people say ‘drink more water its good for you’ they’re actually telling the truth, so listen!

First thing I noticed straight away was that I felt better, I felt lighter and almost never hungry. Since I was drinking so much water I wasn’t craving junk and therefore eating less and healthier. This experience has actually taught me that I eat when really I am just thirsty.

Skin- This was a big one for me, having a rather un-even skin tone on my face I never thought something like just drinking water would help but it has. My tone is more even all over and my skin feels much more plump and dewy. I feel much less need to slap on loads of make up and I actually have enjoyed going bare faced.

Hair- Now to notice a huge change in the hair you would probably need to drink only water for more than a week, however I felt my hair looking freshly washed much longer than when drinking fizzy juices. This is because the sugars in other drinks are not overly good for you and can make hair appear greasy and heavy. Drinking water would definitely improve both the appearance and feel of hair.

Try this, and let me know what your results were!


M x


Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

I was very excited to try out this product as I have seen it so many times on the shelves in boots and always meant to buy to try. Priced at £10 from boots, it is reasonably priced and the packaging gives a very upmarket and expensive feel to the product

Avène Thermal Water Spray 300ml

After reviewing this, I found I had many many uses for it. It is AMAZING!

I used this at first as part of my facial cleansing routine in the morning and at night. Firstly I would cleanse and tone my face with Chanel Cleansing Milk and toner then spritz my skin with the water spray. As you may see from the picture it is for sensitive skin which is prefect for me as I tend to find certain facial products can make me break out. After doing this for only one week I do feel my skin is much softer and less irritable. A HUGE thumbs up from me.

Next I tried this product during my application of make-up. During my contouring I decided to wet the face and the cream with the water before starting to blend. This made a massive difference when doing this as my brush strokes were not visible on my face which makes the application look completely flawless.

All in all I thought this product was fantastic! It is full of health benefits due to its hydrating and calming properties and also great during make-up application. It smells of nothing and even if it was just to cool you down on a hot day, I would highly recommend this product to all people of all ages. You will definitely find a use for it! 5*

Tell me what you think.