Skinny Tan Tanning Oil


Thats the basics of it. This tan is fantastic. I am used to fake tans smelling horrible, going on streaky and leaving my white bed sheets COVERED in brown smudges. But no, this is does none of these things.

The fact this product is an oil at first scared me slightly as whenever I think of putting oil on my skin all I can think is ‘BLOCKED PORES’ but it goes on so smoothly. I applied this tan with the Skinny Tan mitt which is pictured below which is so so soft. Before doing so I rubbed my elbows and knees with the exfoliating mitt that Skinny Tan also offer. These patches can be dry and therefore patchy but by exfoliating first it applied very evenly. Legs are my main focus when going out and I often feel they can look orange and un natural, however this tan although dark, looked more like I had been abroad for a few weeks rather than I had rolled my legs in cheesy wotsits which I’m sure along with myself is many girls worst fear with tan.

tan 2.jpg
Products I purchased from Skinny Tan

I think fake tan was a fantastic invention as it is a safe way to tan and instantly feel more confident. Skinny Tan have just doubled my opinion of how fab fake tan is due to the fact they have done everything right. They also pride themselves on using natural ingredients and following many celeb endorsements they have rammed their way into the already crowded market and given themselves a constant space.

Myself wearing Skinny Tan after applying that morning

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M x