Trend Alert:Puffer Jackets

Look in most peoples wardrobes and there is at least one puffer jacket. Ranging from £1000s to only £10s there are puffers for everyone.

Top of the range is Moncler and Canada Goose.


Photo £570
canada £470

Puffer jackets are comfortable, lightweight and so so practical. Theres nothing easier to throw on. I own one from Zara and one from River Island, however most high street stores will stock these jackets because the trend is still so IN! They’re easy to get and affordable…usually unless you want to skin yourself £500+ for a designer number.

Celebrities are always rocking the puffer jackets and as Vogue featured in their article, it is really really popular in cities like New York.

Usually puffer jackets are worn the other way around but Cara Delevingne as we know likes to be different…


In my opinion, the best place to go and grab a nice puffer jacket is definitely Zara where they may range in price but you are always guaranteed a good quality jacket.

These jackets are even appearing on the Runway for Spring in London Fashion Week and NY fashion week where celebs such as Kendal Jenner show us how they wear the look.


Let me know what you think about the puffer jacket and if you own one!

M x



In my bag…

I ALWAYS carry a handbag, and it ALWAYS has the same things in it. My essentials.

Number one is dry shampoo. I always carry Batiste Dry Shampoo in Brilliant Blonde, retailing for £3.99 in Boots. This product comes in a shade for every basic hair colour and I apply it constantly as it gives my hair a fresh boost of volume and makes it look freshly washed 24/7.

Secondly, is a lippy. This varies by how I feel but today I have Rouge Dior in shade 060 Premier, retailing at £26.50. This lipstick lasts ages whilst also giving an almost lipgloss like glow. For this very reason I bought it because I love the colour of lipstick but the shine of a gloss and this combines both perfectly.

Another product I feel is a must is perfume. Perfume is a personal choice however my favourite is Gucci Flora, retailing in Debenhams from £49-£60 depending on size. This fruity perfume has been my favourite for ages and I can not get enough of it. I think for christmas I got a yearly supply because my entire family know I am literally obsessed!

Make-up wipes. Always. Its a necessity! You never know when you will have a disaster where you need to wipe off and re-start, nothing worse than big black panda eyes. Even when I am having a make-up free day, it is definitely nice to refresh your face sometimes. I use the Johnsons for all skin types, they smell AMAZING, honestly they are a must try!

Let me know whats in your bag!


M x