In my bag…

I ALWAYS carry a handbag, and it ALWAYS has the same things in it. My essentials.

Number one is dry shampoo. I always carry Batiste Dry Shampoo in Brilliant Blonde, retailing for £3.99 in Boots. This product comes in a shade for every basic hair colour and I apply it constantly as it gives my hair a fresh boost of volume and makes it look freshly washed 24/7.

Secondly, is a lippy. This varies by how I feel but today I have Rouge Dior in shade 060 Premier, retailing at £26.50. This lipstick lasts ages whilst also giving an almost lipgloss like glow. For this very reason I bought it because I love the colour of lipstick but the shine of a gloss and this combines both perfectly.

Another product I feel is a must is perfume. Perfume is a personal choice however my favourite is Gucci Flora, retailing in Debenhams from £49-£60 depending on size. This fruity perfume has been my favourite for ages and I can not get enough of it. I think for christmas I got a yearly supply because my entire family know I am literally obsessed!

Make-up wipes. Always. Its a necessity! You never know when you will have a disaster where you need to wipe off and re-start, nothing worse than big black panda eyes. Even when I am having a make-up free day, it is definitely nice to refresh your face sometimes. I use the Johnsons for all skin types, they smell AMAZING, honestly they are a must try!

Let me know whats in your bag!


M x